Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LIne 'Em Up

Caleb likes lining up his cars. He fooled me into believing he is ultra organized for his age.  Then, in two year old mode, he scattered them all over the room one at a time. He played that game for a while,  sitting there  rolling them in all directions as far as they would go, each time we would collect them from all corners.

We enjoyed checking out the dates and place of manufacture of each vehicle.  We found two identical red fire trucks, the first made in Hong Kong in1976 and the second from  Malaysia in 1978. Either Mattel changed the place of manufacture, or the second one is a counterfeit.  These cars belonged to Caleb's dad who was born in 1980, so evidently they were owned previously by John's older brother, Mark.  Whatever the origin, there are lots of cars, trucks and airplanes in that box...plenty to keep a two year old very busy for  long periods of time.

It was good to see such wonderful support for Scott Walker in Wisconsin today. God Bless America.

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