Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big Bird

It's been a pleasant day here, even though the weather is anything but nice. It has been over 90 way too many days to suit me.

I just found some pictures on one of my cameras that were begging to be scrapbooked.  This is one of them, or actually a combination of two.  Since we had no one to take our picture, we shot pictures of the Welsers and they photographed us. It is wonderful to have the Adobe program for scrapbookers, PSE10, which does lots of little tricks, like combining two photos.

This morning ORU celebrated birthdays of two of our members and I shot several pictures that must be done up soon.  Meanwhile, I still have photos from May and June when the kids were here. I will catch up. I will catch up.  I will catch up.  I'm trying to instill positivity in my life...while of course, missing the grammatical mark by ending sentences in a preposition.  Okay string me up.  Oh, there I go again.

There is a bit of thrill in the air in our household.  Ron just got the computer he's been wanting for some time. We have to keep hoping that all the hope and change that has smothered us these last four years will lift in Novemeber.  Until then, anything we can do to lift our spirits and the economy can be justified.

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