Thursday, July 12, 2012


I still have lots of Cedar Point pictures for layouts. We had great fun and I'm enjoying the photos, reliving each one.

 Yesterday, I did a layout that really pleased me, but I messed up and saved another one on top of it. I think, perhaps I could have rescued that older file had I known what I was doing, but alas, I did not and screwed it up even worse. Now it is gone into never never land and I've had to redo no avail. I couldn't even find some of the embellishments I'd used before.  Oh well, as they say, "Live and learn".   I should have used that one today, but my heart is not in it. Maybe later, I'll make it more pleasing to my eye.

It was interesting  to hear that Mitt Romney told the NAACP the same thing he's told everyone else, unlike many untrustworthy politicians, who tell one group one thing and another something completely different, knowing what they want to hear.  Honesty is so refreshing right now and I hope they appreciate that. Trustworthiness is one of the biggest things some of us look for when voting.

Yes, he plans to throw out the national health care  plan. He told us why. It certainly makes sense. We don't want to end up like Greece or any of the European countries whose economies are in the tank right now. We need to do things differently and quit spending ourselves into a big hole.

We want jobs so that we can afford our own health care, where we can choose our own doctors and make decisions without getting the approval of a committee of people somewhere who know nothing about medicine.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe from an overreaching government.

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