Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Chelle and I love to play 'board' games. We have played Rummy-0 since she was a young girl.  We both consider ourselves to be pros, well maybe not that, but we are very good at this game.  It can get complicated and late at night, when we finally find time to  sit down at the table with it, our brains are  sometimes a little less that agile. But, we thoroughly enjoy racking our brains as we find new combinations of numbers which will allow us to go out...lay down  all our tiles. 

This year, Ashley has shown an interest in learning OUR game. A mother-daughter game turned into a 3 generation game. For a short while, it was a little slow, but Ashley caught on and she made me look like a snail. Her hands flew and the tiles found new places so quickly that I was dumbfounded. After all, this had become a big thing  to us and this little girl was playing so much faster than we could think.  She got so good that she even beat us at one round.  Our egos were deflated a bit, but we were proud as can be of her.

We used to be proud  of cars made in the US. And we still can be of some, but the make that 'belongs to the people' GM (Government Motors) is making a car now that can be the laughing stock of the whole world. 

The Chevy Volt cost GM ( that's us) $750 million.  With that price paid for development and production, the car should cost over $100.000, but the sticker price is $41,000 for that baby.  That's no small piece of change, you know...especially now that our economy has been thrown into the dumpster.  But it still is less than 1/2 what it would take to break even.  Forget about a profit...of course the government doesn't need to make a profit...if they need money (or just want it) they just raise our taxes.  

We need to shake things up in Washington...elect none of the Democrats nor any of the few Republicans who are spending our money like there is no tomorrow...or there might actually be no tomorrow.


  1. Ashley and I played 2 games the other night and she beat me both times!

  2. Oh my! I wonder what kind of profession on which she should set her aim. That's great. Only because we can be so proud of her, not because we lose.