Saturday, July 7, 2012

Makes an Impression

Yes, ORU (Opinions R Us) makes an impression wherever we go.  We just hope it is a good one. We doubt that everyone feels as strongly as we do that we could straighten out the world, given the chance. It they did, we would have already done it!   

We know it is wrong to think more highly or oneself than we should; but we also understand that as a group, we have all the bases covered.

Thursday, five of us were blessed with time to get together to celebrate not one, but two birthdays. July was a big month for having extremely smart and talented girls who could grow into ORU recruits. :) As a matter of fact,  four out of nine members were born this month. I'm sure if we got our heads together, we could explain the reason for that.

Tonight   I got a special surprise at 9:30. Evidently some of our near neighbors hired a professional fireworks show at their home. So we had a double celebration of Independence Day this year.  As I watched, I realized that others around us were firing up as well.  Of course, none could compete with the big show.  There were hoops and applause all around the lake. I couldn't help but let off a few whopees myself.

I was feeling really satisfied July 4th, until I heard...and understood...the comment, "This could be our last celebration of freedom." I pray that does not happen.  Not only must you vote in November, but we must encourage others who love this nation to vote as well.  We could also invite those  who don't , to leave.

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