Sunday, July 22, 2012


When  we had all gotten ready to go to Naturealm, Ashley came out dressed in the cutest tights I had ever seen. She looked striking in them.  

When I started working on this layout, I tried to fine some papers, etc that would look good with her tights. I came up with a new collection I have from Scrapgirls by Ange Campbell, called Iridescence. I think it coordinates well with her  outfit.

I need to start doing this blog earlier in the day, not that I have spare time then, but by this time of night, my brain starts to fall asleep. And tonight is no exception. I could nod off sitting right here in my chair. 
Instead, I believe I'll drop everything and head down to our basement with the cat, knowing that she needs her sleep.  Maybe I'll talk myself into going to bed early.

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