Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Littlest Cowboy

I've been on a roll, doing lots of layouts, but today everything came to a stop when I mentioned to my husband that my font keeper had eaten all my fonts AGAIN.  Ron has been on this machine all evening trying to rectify the situation and I've had to do other things.  I've found that when I've finished my days work and don't have a computer to entertain me, I'm a mess. Tonight I had to do logic puzzles. There is no need to start a book, because I'll never take the time to finish it.  The computer creating bit, has definitely changed me from left to right brained.  But I'm still smart enough to vote for Romney in November.

Beth takes Caleb to a farm class and he has discovered horses.  One day this week he got to ride a  big horse for the first time.  These are pictures of that occasion with Buzz.

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