Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I was elated when I found this on our granddaughter Lauren's Facebook page. The color is so vivid. I don't know where the pictures were taken.  Hopefully she will check out the blog soon and give us some info.  No last names please.

Our electricity was out when we got home, so its been a 'different' kind of evening around here. Of course my computer was not working, but surprisingly some of  our lights worked, so did the refrigerator and the big TV.  Since we'd been warned before we got home that our next door neighbor didn't have power, we knew to call the electric company. We had to wait a while for the truck to pull up to the pole out front...yes, we are deprived.  Our wires are not underground.  But then I suppose that made it easier to do the repair  work. But then perhaps we wouldn't need it fixed if they were underground.  Who knows?

I learned something new. I didn't know that there are three lines coming into the house, one ground wire ( no surprise), and there are two others, for two phases of electricity. It is possible that only one phase is damaged and the other half works. It only took me 69 years to learn that and if it hadn't happened to us, I would probably never have known.  Okay, is there anything else I don't know?  :)

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  1. If you'd like a peaceful ride on the water, I've gotten some info from Lauren. She was on the Octoraro Creek not far from where they live in Pennsylvania.