Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Day at Cedar Point

The day was May 30th and it was a perfect day for the park. The weather was wonderful and it wasn't yet crowded. We had a day full of fun riding everything we wanted to ride when we wanted to ride it.

I'm in a hurry tonight. Ready to hit the bed and be done with the day.  

Right now, I'm quite  a bit bothered by  a new development concerning the U.N.World Economic and Social Survey. According to them, the needs of developing  countries are not being met, and new taxes will help fight dilemmas like 'climate change'. They suggest global taxes.  Now isn't that just what you wanted to hear right now? You don't pay enough taxes to your city, county, state, country.  Now you need to pay a world tax as well.

If we had fully dedicated American statesmen in office, I'd not think another thing about this, but knowing what is going on in our government  right now, I'm actually frightened they will get us messed up in this thing.  Not only  would we be sending our money who knows where, we would have no say in how it was spent. I say NO to a world tax.

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