Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creativity is rewarding... but occasionally it gets out of hand and runs amok. That is the case tonight. The more I do on this layout,  the farther I get from satisfaction.  However, I am racing the clock and a body that is telling me it's time to prepare for bed before I fall asleep in this chair.

Therefore, I am using it as is in now in the blog with the hope of starting over again at a later time. It was a great picture, but I'm not sure that is still evident after all the 'work' I've done with it.

I'm pretty tired right now. Our life group saw a video that brought tears to my heart. Then we had a spirited discussion. I am drained.

But thankfully, earlier today, when I found something on youtube I had wanted to hear again, I noted  the link to it here.  It is really interesting and worth listening to these 33 years later.  It is still very true and we need to hear a little common sense now and then.
Phil Donahue and Milton Friedman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-o0kD9f6wo .

I haven't changed the layout a lot, but I'm more satisfied  with it now:

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