Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life's Little Moments

 Some of our activities are planned as learning experiences. Some are planned to take advantage of nature's beauty. Some  are planned just for shooting photos.  But life's little unplanned moments offer us memories that can last a lifetime...especially when they are captured by a camera. This little game of catch is one of those  times.

Our God has provided us in this country many pleasurable  moments.  But we can not live in the past.  We must keep our nation free for the little ones who are still growing.

If your child's love of God, true family and this nation is being undermined at school, perhaps it is time to consider home schooling.  You still have time to get a plan together by fall.  It might be an especially productive endeavor if you are no longer in the work force. There are many very good organizations out there to help you be successful.

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