Monday, July 2, 2012

Madison Rising

It has taken me years to adjust to this house, but I think I've done it.  
We stood in the backyard overlooking the lake and watched the fireworks last night. It was the first time we  didn't go to the other end of the lakes in the boat to see them. It takes a while to get there and we were experiencing thunder showers until it was nearly too late to make it...and some of our friends decided they would just as well stay here. So we did.  Although we are usually right under the big show, the fire works were nice, even from here.

So you see, we have already begun our celebration of July 4th, Independence Day. We really should celebrate every day and work to preserve the liberty that we enjoy in this country.

I'd like you to watch this video by a rock band who has its own version of The Start Spangled Banner .here  I appreciate this band that loves their country and is not afraid to let that be known. 

God bless you all this week as you consider what freedom means to you.

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