Friday, July 13, 2012

Chic-fil-a Eat More Chikin

If you've been here before, you know that I am a scrapbooker and my idea of a good blog page includes a layout.  However, this is so cute that I can't wait even a day to make a layout. The 'kids'  made this picture today at Chic-fil-a. There was some type of deal that if you dress up as a cow, you could eat free.
Well that was a price Chelle was willing to pay, so she gathered the family, then she, Greg and the kids  dressed in bovine clothing with  little signs around their necks like the one the restaurant cow wears.    I've heard of singing for one's supper, but this 'takes the cake', so to speak.

Chelle is very creative and she had a lot of fun with this little project. It's a good thing that most families would never make that much effort or the chain could have gone out of business today.  Let's see. two 'adults' and the triplets...that makes 5 free meals!

I bet your day wasn't this exciting.  If it was, let me know. Maybe you belong in a blog.

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