Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th

We did all our celebrating the 4th on the first when the fireworks were set off over the lakes. So today, while Ron attended to all his Wednesday commitments, I had a free Curves on holidays.  

I've been far behind on my scrapbooking and feeling pressed.  But today, I was playing 'catch up' and did several pages with which I am happy and anxious to share.  However, since I try to just post one layout a day, there are many that never make it to the blog.

One thing I did before sitting down to the computer, was to set up the tripod and take my own picture with the page I tore out of our daily newspaper this morning. It was a full page ad for Hobby of my favorite stores.  Not only does it have really cool stuff (How do you like me advanced vocabulary?) but they are godly people who are also very patriotic.  Naturally any Christian who really thinks about  living God's word would be a very liberal person in their giving and doing for others and a very conservative person in their politics these days.  We must preserve our freedom to worship.  

When you enlarge this picture, you will see In God We Trust written in large red type in the middle of the page.  That made my day and also made me realize I need to go shopping at Hobby Lobby. I hope you do as well. 

Still in the news: Obamacare or is that Obama(s)care?  This is the most important topic now with the election coming up in November.  We must vote to preserve our freedom to choose our own doctors, etc.  I for one certainly do not want several bureaucrats  and lawyers standing between me and my doctor.
I do not feel like surrendering my choice and becoming a 'unit' under the control of the federal governmental, which cannot so much as run the Post Office in a responsible way...or even the DMV.