Friday, October 19, 2012

Cottonwood Leaves

Caleb had a great time with all the leaves. They were mostly cottonwoods. That reminds me of the tree across the street from our last house. It was a huge old cottonwood and we were down wind of it. I didn't really notice the leaves in fall, since we had so many of our own; but in spring that cottonwood showered our yard with what seemed like tons of 'cotton'.  It looked like snow.  I'm looking forward to Caleb's return to this environmental learning center in the spring and to his response to that ground covering 'cotton'.

This is Day 22  of our 40 days of prayer for the election.

Please pray that all our troops will get their ballots in a timely manner even though it looks now as if it isn't possible.  Remember with God all things are possible.  Pray believing and it will be given you.

Father in heaven, It seems to me that we are seeing a change in the wind and more and more are turning toward Romney. I pray that if that is your will, that it will come to pass and that you will also have your presence known in a way that fraud will be held to a minimum and will not affect the outcome. I pray that it will be a decisive victory so that there will not be wasted time and money on challenges and recounts.

I pray as well, Father, that we will unite in love and care for one another and those around the world who are suffering under cruel leadership. For your first two commands are to love God and to love our fellow man.

I pray that those who want to divide us are motivated to drop their hatred and join in with the rest of us in love, so that we can again be a great nation.

Thank you, Father, for the wonderful outcome of the Annual Al Smith Charity Dinner. In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

For those of you who may have missed that dinner in New York city  for any reason, including you didn't have $2,500 laying around after taxes, you can see and hear the comedic speech given by Romney here.

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