Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Is Leaving Us

I still have a couple more pictures of Caleb in the leaves that I must scrapbook.  This will probably be the last one in the book when it is published...but there will be one more page. 

 Fall is leaving us in more than one way.  While leaves are still falling, the weather is turning really cold here in Ohio and fall is leaving, winter is coming.

While the weather is changing, I am hoping for another change that should take place soon now. We have been praying 34 days of our 40 for the election. 

My mind is set. I've studied the candidates and the issues. I've studied history, because it repeats itself. And most of all I've prayed fervently that God will lead me and others in voting for the one who will turn this country around and bring us back to the God loving nation we have known for well over 200 years.

This is a walk I'd like to see our president take.  Watch it here .

And remember, you don't have to wait until Tuesday to vote. You may vote any time now.  Go and serve the Father, your God  in heaven.  Your vote will count now, and perhaps in the judgement. 

Please help us have a nation that is a safe place for my grandchildren and your own families to grow, one that will not bankrupt us and steal our futures.  

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