Monday, October 15, 2012

First Snow

No, it hasn't snowed in Ohio.  But I can't say the same for Colorado. As a matter of fact it has been over a week since that first snow hit them on October 6.  It didn't take Caleb long to 'warm up' to the snow. And he enjoyed having a reason to wear his Disney Pixar Cars Boots. 

This is now Day 18 in our Pray for America campaign.  We are praying that God will enable the man who is closest to him to win this election, so that we can again be governed in a way worthy of a Christian nation. 

By the way,  a report in our newspaper last week made it appear that we Christians are now in the minority in this nation.  It is getting uncomfortably close, but not quite. It was a clever twist of words that made it appear to be that way.  The article divided Protestants and Catholics to make it sound like there were more atheists, Buddists, etc.  When Protestants and Catholics are combined, and they are all Christians, they are still the majority.  I'm not sure a lot of people realized that, because I heard several people after seeing the article stating that we are now in the minority.  The liberals have an obnoxious tendency to use words to confuse those who are not careful. Sad thing is, they get away with it often.  Don't let them do it to you. Read carefully and check the facts.

Since we are praying for the country, I am using an email tonight that I've received several times this year and that showed up in my inbox again today.  It was written for the New Year, but is pertinent now as well.  Watch it here  then pray, pray, pray.

Be sure to watch the debate tomorrow night, if you can call it that.  They have changed the format  to make it easier for our teleprompter dependent president to do well. Pray that it will be obvious which man knows what he is doing and has a plan that will actually be good for this country.

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