Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We are back in the leaves.  Just can't skip working with these darling pictures off this precious grandson. That smile brightens my world.  And at a time like this, that's  very important.

Some of you are here just to see our family. Others tune in for inspiration for their own scrapbooking.
And still others are interested in the state of our nation and hoping for a new tomorrow, where we can truly be free to make our own decisions and follow our own paths.

This is day 33 of our 40 days of prayer for our nation.  The election is just one week away. This time next week, we will be watching the results  roll in from the polls.  At least with God's help that will happen. I believe it would not be to  our president's advantage to prolong the election process, since the closer the election is, the weaker his numbers are. 

The last time we had a president this unaccomplished, was with Jimmy Carter . Many of you are not old enough to remember him. The worst thing I remember was that we could only get gasoline on certain days and then we had to wait in long lines to get it.  But there were other crippling things he did to our nation. It was the perfect climate for a real man of God to take over and lift us off our knees. It is that way today.  More and more of us have no way of taking care of ourselves and have to depend on the government to take from other people and give  to us  the bare necessities of life. 

I hear some say they do not like Romney...but it is out of ignorance.  They do not know anything about Mitt Romney.  All they hear from the press is that he is a rich man. (And for some reason, we've learned to hate rich men.) We tend to forget that they are the ones who make jobs for others.  I have heard people say that Mitt has a temper...without any substantiations whatever.  However, we have video of our president very visibly losing his.   If you have only heard from the press or on TV about the Romneys, it would be to your advantage to seek out the truth. Never accept what others say without checking it out with several sources.  Study to know when you can trust a source.

It is time again to choose a God fearing man to lead our nation...one like Ronald Reagan who once said,"To preserve our blessed land we must look to God... It is time to realize that we need God more than He needs us...

Let us, young and old, join together, as did the First Continental Congress in the first step, in humble heartfelt prayer. Let us do so for the love of God and His great goodness, in search of the guidance and the grace of repentance, in seeking His blessings, His peace,and the resting of His kind and holy hands on ourselves, our nation, our friends in the defense of our freedom, and all mankind, now and always.

The time has come to turn to God and reassert the trust in Him for the healing of America... Our country is in need of and ready for a spiritual renewal.  today we utter no prayer more fervently than the ancient prayer for peace on Earth."

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