Monday, October 22, 2012

Debate Mania

I did redo yesterday's layout. Am still not pleased with the result.  However this time it will have to do. I'm having an artistic dry spell.

Today was the big finish with the seawall. It took several hours with several volunteer workers, four of whom are named Dave, to do the concrete work.  I took lots of pictures. It is not every day that a large cement truck drives across our 'lawn', squeezes between large oak trees and down to the lake.  I will be working on pages to represent this huge undertaking of my husband.  He did promise, in front of witnesses, today that this is his last wall. You wouldn't believe what a relief it was to hear that proclamation.

This evening was a big ending to a very busy day at our house. We almost stayed awake for the entire debate.  I must say though I was disheartened early in the debate by our president sitting calmly, facing the camera and making untrue statements with such clarity and seeming sincerity that those listening, who haven't had the time to spend daily keeping up with exactly what has been happening, would have no clue were mistruths. 

This is day 25 in our 40 days of prayer for the election.  One prayer I am praying today is that the untruths spoken by the candidates and those working for them will come to light early enough that the election will be affected rightly. 

A few days ago I watched a tribute to Ronald Reagan in which he made a statement  answering the question, "Is God on our side?" He said, the question should rather be, "Are we on his side?"And there you have another prayer topic.  Please pray that when choosing our candidate we will choose the one who is on God's side.

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