Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dolls and a Tea Party

It's nice to see Ashley taking out her dolls once again.  Being a gramma, I believe it is too soon for her to sign off on the American Girl dolls.   

Today it seems kids are in much too much of a hurry to grow up, yet when the time comes for independence , they often revert to a crippled state, living with parents, taking a check from the government...

Today is Day 12 in our commitment to prayer for 40 days prior to the election. Prayer is powerful and we've been told to pray in all situations.  There are many little things for which we can pray every day and then there are major things for which to pray that mean a great deal to us and to many others.  The election is something that can make or break our nation. It had come  down to a time when there is a clear choice on the ballot.  We can continue to be the greatest nation on earth, no apologies necessary because we are a benevolent people, blessed by God...or we can head down the road of socialists, where everyone has his or her hand out, begging for whatever it is they want, not learning to stand up and strike out with a plan to earn whatever it is. It is the difference between making our own decisions or sitting back and being told what to do step by step.  There has never been a clearer choice. Yet many do not understand what is at stake.  We must not be fooled by  a flashy smile and promises of a perfect place where no one has to work too hard, but where everyone has what he or she  wants.

Please search your heart for what you think is right according to God's law. Then vote for the candidate that is more aligned with right and wrong.  Please pray that the eyes of the nation are opened and true knowledge will be revealed to us

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