Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Caleb is now a biology student, studying this grasshopper 'close up and personal'.  I'm really surprised that insect is ignoring the fact that Caleb is holding that stem up near his face, while Beth is snapping away from his other side.  He is surrounded, yet attending to business.

This is Day 19 of our 40 days of prayer. That means we are nearly 1/2 the way there.  

Many of us were praying right through the 'debate' tonight.  They were able to get the format changed from debate to town hall meeting in order to help the president make a better impression than he did last time. He did do better than in the first debate; but he still insisted that Romney stood for things that he doesn't and said things that he didn't, even though the facts could be checked.  I suppose they know that people who are likely to vote for Obama will believe anything he says.

Dear Father in heaven, we praise your name, for you are good.  You know the truth.  You have said that truth will set us free. Father, please give us light and let us all see the truth so that we can vote for the man who would call on you for understanding and wisdom.

Father we pray that you will give us light to see. Help us unite.  Strengthen us. We pray you will appoint and anoint our next president. 

In the name of Christ we pray. Amen.

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