Sunday, October 14, 2012

Every Autumn Barbertonians offer a Mum Fest at Lake Anna. It is always quite pretty.  This year there was a floral arch that was especially vibrant with color. Ron and I just stopped by for a few minutes after we had eaten at Angie's, several days after the festivities were over.   It was easy to take pictures, we got around quickly, but we did miss all the street vendors and happy faces on people as they enjoyed the flowers.

I concluded that the crowds are part of the fun and I may try to get there during the actual weekend festival next year.   It's not that we have to make a long trip to get there. We just have to not have conflicts those days. I'm not sure why, but generally we are busy with other pursuits during that time.

Make sure that you have your calendar in order for November 6. The election is much too important to miss because of any other commitment.  Many are voting ahead to make sure there are no conflicts. But of course many more of us have not done that.

This is our Day 17 of prayer preceding the election.

This morning in church we had a guest speaker and during our Bible Study time, he was asked to lead prayer. He made a request that I think is valid and very good advice.  He prayed that we should vote for a man who in closes to who walks and talks with Him daily. I can't think of any better criteria for choosing a president.

Let's pray that we will be able to discern which men fit that picture, not only for the presidency, but for any and all offices.

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