Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Curves Girl

Once in a while, I have to do a layout just for fun. It was a silly whim I had one day last week to see if I could use  the Curves girl, which is painted on the wall, in a fun layout. I took a picture of her and then on a later day, asked Carol, who works there, to take a picture of me kneeling on a recovery board.  I then 'cut' her off the wall, added shadows and  attempted to make it look as if she were standing on my shoulders.  

I like the quote on the digital paper I used from Angie Briggs, A New Me collection:  success is a journey...not a destination.  And I really enjoy Curves. It is a place where I can exercise and have a good time with  new found friends  at the same time.  We talk about everything including politics and food.

And speaking of politics, we are praying here for the upcoming election. We are on day 26, with 14 to go.

Tonight I talked to two Christians who said they wouldn't vote for either candidate. I believe as Christians,  we are obligated to stand for what is right, what is godly. I can allow for the freedom of those who want contraceptives to get them, for those who want abortions, to have them and for those who want to date those of the same sex to do so. However, I cannot support that kind of behavior. I should not be forced to pay for something the Lord has told me is sinful.  I can love the sinners.  God said we MUST love the sinners.  But I should not condone the sin. Therefore it is the least I can do to vote  for the man who will not force us to go against our Lord.

I pray each one of us will  talk one on one with our Lord and ask Him to show us what to do on November 6.

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