Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pitching Machine

Don't know if it is because I'm a proud gramma or because Caleb's mother is from an athletic family, but  we are quite impressed by the pitching arm on this little two year  old.  Why, he is a powerful  pitching machine.  Look at the overhand throw.  His aim is good as well.

Well if our aim is correct, we will still be praying for the upcoming election. This is day 23 of our 40 days of prayer.

There are so many needs for prayer in any election.  It is not only very important  to study the presidential candidates, but also those running for the House and Senate and then there are the state officers and local ones as well who make decisions that affect us all.  Let's be diligent and know the candidates before we go to the polls.  Pray for wisdom and understanding.

We are praying that our God in heaven will lead us to decisions that will protect us from persecution and allow us the liberty our God gave us and that our Constitution promised.

I was so saddened today to talk to an elderly man at lunch time in Wendy's. Actually, it was a pleasure to speak to him.  He asked us to sit with him and we obliged, knowing he was needing some friendship.

Sometime  during our patter, I asked if he were ready for the election.  He said that he  really didn't like either candidate; but he would vote for the president again. Naturally, I asked why that was.  He told me that because the other guys were going to take away money from the old people.  How sad that the Democrats would prey on these sweet people with lies like that, especially while they themselves are actually doing just that.  The healthcare bill dictated by Obama  took $700 billion  away from Medicare, while the Republicans vow to not do that; but to make it stronger to last for those who need it so badly.  How is it that these ugly lies hurt the very ones who would help the elderly?  Someone is not doing his/her job.

It seems to me if you have elderly relatives, it would be kind of you to explain that these falsehoods they are being told are for the purpose of scaring them into voting for someone they really don't like. Encourage them to think for themselves and not rely on CNN and other news reporters who are not only biased, but often bought by the  Party...which no longer is the party of the people.

Invite them to pray with us that God will lead us to candidates who are God fearing men and women, those whose decisions would be based in love and respect for their fellow man, not dividing people and pitting one segment of the population against another.

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